How to Create Generational Wealth and Be The Market Leader.

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This is the hidden machinery of history’s most successful companies, the alternative mindset that creates generational wealth.

They won't teach you this process in business school. And it isn’t just another marketing tactic. 

Are you looking to lead your market and create generational wealth?

There has only ever been one way: Market Invention. The term might be new, but the process is as old as commerce itself. And if you want to understand how it works and how you can tap into its power, this is the place to start.

Competing in overcrowded industries is no way to sustain high performance.  

What do Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk all have in common? They were all market inventors. In the same way that Isaac Newton did not invent gravity, but rather observed and described the law of gravity, Adam has observed and described the laws of Market Invention.


Market Invention is the process of creating and maintaining market dominance by leveraging insight, purpose, position, and experience to establish, grow, and maintain customer and company value.

Market Invention Lab Objectives:

  • Better understand why first place gets all the rewards.
  • Evaluate customer pains
  • Create a hypothesis
  • Recognize the difference between an influencer and an expert
  • Create a market opportunity
  • Build an invention strategy
  • What is a market statement
  • Define and make the market
  • Why business systems are vital to your success
  • Uncover market feedback
  • Defend the market
  • Iterate and expand the market
  • Overcome obstacles
  • and much more...


    More About Adam Vasquez:

    Adam Vasquez | Market Invention at XTRAcredits

    Adam is the best selling author of 'Toothfish: The Origin of Markets.' He is sought after business coach in the areas of marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship, and executive leadership. He's the CEO and founder of the top marketing firm, Merit. Adam was the first to describe the law of Market Invention, a process he has used to create billions in wealth for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups.



    4RD Credits at ICF


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