Gain Client Trust with Communication Strategies from Tom Hopkins

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Jaw-dropping communication that effectively connects you with others and will build trust and respect every time.

Communication, the tool we use each day to build rapport and understanding with everyone in our lives, is also the tool for cultivating trust. When trust is lacking, everything from selling your services, to working on a project, to simple communication with your clients can be a struggle. And it can lead to lost clients, lost work and lost income. Like many things in life, building trust often boils down to being able to communicate successfully.

You have a lot of different products to offer and going through the details of each one would be too time-consuming. The use of questions helps you gain the information you need to eliminate products that don’t fit your potential client’s needs. For example, if he or she has some credit challenges, you may make the decision to create a “get out of debt” plan rather than an investment plan. Professionals have turned to Tom Hopkins for decades to help them learn how to communicate better and help more of their clients with their financial planning decisions.

Chapter 1 - Effective Questioning Strategies: Yield information and encourage continued discussion to determine the right products for each client’s needs.

  • Open Ended Questioning
  • Closed-ended Questioning
  • Tie-Down Questioning
  • Involvement Questioning
  • Alternative Choice Questioning
  • Porcupine Questioning – how to answer the right question with a question

Chapter 2 - Making A Positive Contact: Fear is the greatest enemy you’ll ever encounter as a financial services professional. This includes your fear, the potential client’s fear, market and trend fears and so on. Learn to help others understand and overcome their own fears so you can earn the opportunity to help them make decisions.

  • Calming Your Buyer’s Fears
  • Steps for Putting Clients at Ease
  • The 3 Cs Questions



In this 90-minute course, Tom provides tips and strategies that will help professionals in the financial service sector to more effectively:

  • Use a level and style of questioning that is clear and direct providing the client with ample opportunity to ask questions and indicate a full understanding of all discussions and material presented.
  • Implement a systematic process to discover and organize information specific to the client including the client’s needs and lifestyle expectations.
  • Clarify what the client needs to protect, the extent of the protection needed, and the client’s tolerance for risk in relation to the products and services being communicated as part of the offering.
  • Establish a level of trust and intimacy with clients to better identify and describe the benefits of products and services offerings.




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