Continuing Education Credits That Earn You More Money

If you are an association, certified association executive, coach, speaker, author, trainer ask Lisa how she can help you turn your educational opportunities into profits.

The training industry is currently a $300 Billion Dollar Market with Millions of Professionals who are mandated to engage in Millions of Hours of learning that qualify for continuing education credits every day.

You need to qualify your courses, events, and workshops before you can deliver your learning as continuing education credit approved.

The benefits:

  • Join a faculty of world-class experts and Hall of Fame professional speakers.  Experts like, the #1 Communication Expert in the world, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Hall of Fame professional speaker Patricia Fripp and Top CEO Grant Cardone to name a few.
  • Eliminate the time-consulting application and processing of continuing education credit approvals.  XTRAcredits is at over 10+ accrediting bodies in market sectors like HRCI, ICF and  CFP Board. Together just these three industries have a combined total of 31, 312,000 hours of training required EVERY year.

Imagine if you got 1/32 of the market how much you would convert your education online courses into profits. What are you waiting for the market is exploding and it's your time? Ask Lisa How!

How To Get You Started

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$87 Monthly/course 

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Join World-Class Experts and Associations

1 Accrediting Body Listing*

Minimum 3 month contract

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$37 Monthly/course

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$25/Certificate (1-49)

$12/Certificate (50-250)

$9 Certificate (251-750)

1 Accrediting Body Listing*

1 Event (Session/Workshop) *

CE Admin Department

CE Audit Compliance

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