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Mike Staver and Bishop Warner Brown JR.

Coffee With Lisa Episode 1

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More About The Conversation

Join Lisa in the conversation with XTRAcredits Faculty and Leadership Expert Michael Staver and Bishop Warner Brown Jr. of California-Nevada Conference of the United Methodist Church and President of the Council of Bishops as they discuss the challenges of managing all of the information and demands people face.  It takes a courageous leader to stand firm in what they believe, help their followers understand what matters and to execute plans effectively.

You, like most people, hear a lot about leadership. You get to see examples of it (or the lack of it) every day from the news to politics to your community, family and work. What is leadership? What is a leader’s primary job? How do leaders lead in a way that gets results?

As global competition and heightened uncertainty has driven organizations to outsource, flatten and cut back (often quite mindlessly and heartlessly - the two tend to go hand in hand), people have become increasingly hungry for a deeper sense of meaning in their work and a closer connection between what they do and how it serves a greater good.


Mike Staver

Executive Leadership Coach ~ Keynote Speaker ~ Author ~ XC Faculty

How does one not sound self-serving yet honor the skills he possesses in order to add value to the lives of those he serves? Sure, I have a degree in business and a graduate degree in psychology but why does that matter? Yeah, I have been doing this for a while in a number of industries but so what?

The only reason it should matter is if I can use my skills, knowledge and experience to add value to people's lives or to the benefit of their organizations. No cliches, no complex corporate speak just simple clear ideas that you can use right now to produce results .... right now. That's my goal!

President of the Council of Bishops ∼ Bishop of the California-Nevada Conference of the United Methodist Church

Bishop Brown’s ministry has been framed by a depth of experience, insight, and passion for the Gospel that is lived out in justice—commitments we have experienced in his leadership, the broader church, and in his role on the Board of Trustees at Pacific School of Religion.

He is a recipient of the Outstanding Leadership and Service Award for Emergency Response Ministries, given by United Methodist Committee on Relief (1996), and of a Congressional Commendation from Congresswoman Barbara Lee (1998).

Bishop Warner Brown JR