XTRAcredits Mission

XTRAcredits is on a mission to bring World Class Expertise to the world’s first digital platform Edge Learning so anyone can receive affordable education at the highest level.



When Looking For An Expert To Train Or Teach You How To Create Greatness In Your Life, YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU FIND THE BEST.

I myself got so frustrated in finding great people, that it was one of the catalysts of why I created XTRAcredits.

The marketplace is flooded and it's so hard to differentiate real from phony so XTRAcredits IS A PLACE where you can find the best of the best experts and learning opportunities.


XTRAcredits believes in making a difference for me and my business. You can rely on them to do the same for you. Expect them to stand behind their principles of value, quality, innovation, fun and a sense of competitive challenge. I’m happy I’m doing business with them.

DR. TONY ALESSANDRA, #1 Communication Guru / Hall of Fame Speaker

The pro-active approach that XTRAcredits takes towards helping me build my business is valuable and has been much appreciated.


XTRAcredits clearly communicates to clients what they can look forward to. It is clear, to the point, and demonstrates that clients can look forward to high quality service and accreditation.

PATRICIA FRIPP, Hall of Fame Speaker

Brand Promise

We leverage the failures and successes of the world’s best thinkers and doers helping us to develop the most engaging, innovative, and profitable learning experiences in the world.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to grow to be the world's number one resource for Edge Learning.


  • Platinum Rule – We do unto others as they'd like done unto them.
  • Honesty – We create positive change in life and business.
  • Innovative – We fail every day.
  • Transparency – We wear our hearts on our sleeve.
  • Passion – We don't just want to merely survive, but thrive.
  • Respect – We are focused on love and compassion.