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Canadian Professional in Human Resource

The Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) is the only human resources designation recognized across nine professional human resources associations in Canada.

CPHR's are required to earn 100 hours of professional development over three years.

What is the competency framework at CPHR Alberta?

The CPHR Competency Framework outlines 44 discipline -specific professional competencies that candidates for the designation must demonstrate in order to be chartered. Competencies are written as statements that define the work of a Chartered Professional in Human Resources, so that a provincial Human Resources association can assess whether candidates have met the standards expected by employers and the public. The competencies are regularly reviewed through a national professional practice analysis.The Chartered Professional in Human Resources Competency Framework specifies the proficiency level at which each competency is to be demonstrated and how it will be assessed. The competencies and proficiency levels represent the minimum requirement to meet CPHR designation.

The Chartered Professional in Human Resources Competency Framework is the foundation on which the CPHR designation rests. It is used by:

  • Employers and the public to better understand the value of the CPHR
  • The academic community in the design and development of course curriculum and profession - specific programs
  • CPHR holders to validate their skills and abilities, and articulate their value as a designated professional
  • CPHR holders and Chartered Professional in Human Resources Canada member associations for continuing professional development (CPD) requirements
  • Future Chartered Professional in Human Resource holders to help them understand the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to become a CPHR