Lisa Patrick


Continuing Education Expert | Speaker | Mentor | Strategist - Accelerating Businesses Around the World

Working with some of the most recognized thought-leaders in the world has given Lisa the opportunity to showcase her unique skill to see opportunities that others miss!  These relationships have also provided her insights into the distinctive points of view of risk and opportunities facing today’s expert and their speaking/coaching businesses.  These experiences have contributed to her success!

She offers you more creative solutions that combine her experiences, intimate sector knowledge, and clear insights into how to create value in your brand and your business.  She never takes refuge in denial, always plays offence, and captures more than her share of tomorrow’s opportunities. 

Lisa is relentlessly optimistic, entrepreneurial, and future-focused. She encourages contrarian thinking and rapid experimentation. 

Lisa has worked with personal brands and companies such as Grant Cardone, FocalPoint Coaching, Tom Hopkins, Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, FrippVT, Wayne Lee, International Coaching Federation, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Assessments24x7, Society of Human Resource Professionals, and many more.

Lisa Patrick | Continuing Education Expert | XTRAcredits

Lisa is as successful personally as professionally. She is a mother of twin daughters, a wife of over 20 years and a daughter to two amazing parents.  Raised in Saskatchewan growing up on a farm, has given Lisa her work ethics and drive to work hard and have grit!

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"Astounding! Truly the proper adjective to describe Lisa's ability to create, lead and execute. This girl dreams big AND makes it happen! A leader who motivates with her sleeves 'rolled-up' and hands in the mix! Her work in this area is truly exceptional."

Alberta Justice & Solicitor General 

"Lisa's mind is going 24x7, humming with ideas and solutions for her clients. She is extremely focused and has tremendous follow-through, usually delivering ahead of promised schedule. You will LOVE working with her!"

Speaker | Coach | Trainer

"Lisa Patrick is a business force of nature who is a really great focused sales professional and marketer."

Hall of Fame Professional Speaker |