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A Lesson for An Association In Non-Due Revenues

Association executives are in dire need of help to support their goals to acquire new strategies and alliances for non-dues revenue. CAE executives are faced with the challenge of acquiring new sources of non-dues income to stay sustainable into the next century. This is when an association executive recognizes opportunities to leverage content to expand member event experiences and generate new income as the solution to their challenge.

‘Associations are not just starving for new methods to increase non-dues revenue, but they are also looking for turn-key solutions that enable their associations to execute opportunities that provide a high-impact to their retention rates, engagement and additional value for their current member fee’s, says Lisa Patrick founder of XTRAcredits. Association Executives need to be strategically aligning their continuing education programs with additional opportunities for members to engage in world-leading content that already has a ‘value’ in the marketplace and ‘proven’ to aid in the advancement of their careers. When an association is already enforcing their members to engage in a recertification program, why not provide the most extensive access to a pre-approved CE course catalogue for them to engage in and at the same time acquire non-due revenue commissions in the process.’

A recently released study by Gainesville, FL-based Naylor Association Solutions, 2016 Association Adviser Communications Benchmarking Report. The study finds 54 percent of association executives think their inability to generate non-dues revenue is a serious or significant problem, up from 11% only a year ago.

An analyses of financial statements conducted by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) show, for the average association, non-dues income represents a larger share of total income than dues.

Also According to ASAE, 59 percent of trade associations’ revenue represents non-dues revenue; and 66 percent of professional associations’ revenue represents non-dues revenue.

“72 percent of associations think they are not using member data wisely enough to deliver a customized member experience. ‘There is a consistency on the strain of association resources of time and people. In addition, the majority also are faced with the challenge of acquiring more ‘interactive on demand content’ to position as part of their recertification programs to meet member needs.” Lisa goes on to explain that associations can overcome both of these challenges. “When you activate an extensive catalogue of pre-approved courses with an on demand training centre platform that recognizes the members needs for on demand interactive engagement while fulfilling the association needs of compliance, automatic certificate distribution, enriched reporting features and a commission based model, the result is a ‘win-win’ for any association regardless of their membership size and resource constraints will make the difference.’ says Lisa Patrick.

As a CAE association executive it is your obligation to your membership to allocate more opportunities of high value for your members to engage in. When you are committed to improving the skills of your members, only then can you start taking market share and impacting the bottom line of your association. As a designated association professional CAE, you too can also take advantage of courses pre-approved at ASAE for CAE credits at XTRAcredits. Are you ready to make the commitment to your members? Choosing not to will cost you and your association time and money.


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By Lisa Patrick

Savvy, Innovative & Swims in the ‘Blue Ocean’. She attacks every business she is involved with passion & tenacity to help support businesses & their people to achieve continuing success!  A successful entrepreneur with a proven track record building and sustaining businesses for the past decade.  Lisa is the founder of XTRAcredits Group Inc.

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