Patricia Fripp Presents at IMC Conference 2017

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Fripp Speech Model at XTRAcredits

Thank you for making the decision to clarify your content and organize your structure.  The Fripp Speech Model will make it easier for you to sound professional in your delivery.

'Speaking is one of the most powerful tools to grow your own business and advance in your career. Patricia Fripp knows what works to help you engage and deliver a powerful message.'  Sara Krisher - Stand Tall LLC.

The Fripp Speech Model

Start today and use the Fripp Speech Model to help you create your presentation 'effortlessly'!

Patricia Fripp Presents at IMC Conference 2017

XTRAcredits resident professional speech coach, Hall of Fame professional speaker Patricia Fripp presented at the IMC Conference in 2017. 

Her course qualifies for CPD, under the CMC
Consulting Knowledge - Presentations D4.1

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