The Customer Focus: How to Deliver Moments of Magic® for Human Resource Professionals – II of II

The Customer Focus: How to Deliver Moments of Magic® for Human Resource Professionals - II of II

Everything you need to know to manage your realtionshps and what you need to do to succeed.


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Displaying competency in managing your relationships and creating Moments of Magic® that turn ordinary interactions into memorable experiences is important to your job success. When you amaze clients, stakeholders and your team every time they deal with you, you’ll have a valuable competitive edge, regardless of the state of the economy or the dynamics of the marketplace in which you operate.

So how do you achieve that? In this second part of “The Customer Focus” course, you will learn to operate with grace under fire. In other words, you will know how to behave appropriately and effectively when stakeholders and team members aren’t happy with you. Learn about Moments of Misery™ that your relationships, internal or external, might experience and tips and techniques that you can use to turn those experiences into Moments of Magic®.

Learning Objectives

  • Comprehend when you should say no, the 4 reasons why, and how to communicate no effectively
  • Establish credibility with moments of magic
  • Foster relationships successfully with moments of magic.
  • Effectively manage internal and external relationships.
  • Understand what a moment of misery is and how to transform a moment of misery into a moment of magic.
  • Strategize how to manage the first impression and build rapport.
  • Learn communication style and strategies for effectively solving problems.
  • Appreciate the magic of transforming the moment.
  • Identify 10 common mistakes of phone communication.
  • Get tips on how to handle an angry stakeholder.
  • Know how to continue creating ongoing moments of magic.
  • Learn tips for building your own complaint-management strategy.
  • Recognize what a moment of innovation is and how you can apply those moments to increase production or decrease costs.

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