The Customer Focus: How to Create Moments of Magic® I of II

The Customer Focus: How to Create Moments of Magic® I of II

When you manage your customer service moments of truth and create moments of magic you will see results.

FACULTY: SHEP HYKEN | Time: 60 Minutes

$49 USD

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How to create Moments of Magic® that turn ordinary interactions into memorable experiences. You will learn to make a great first impression, build rapport, communicate more effectively, and more.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, ordinary interactions will only get you so far. In order to create long-term, secure relationships with your clients and customers, you need to amaze them. In this thoroughly engaging, high-content course, you will learn practical strategies and Shep’s philosophy of, “Moments of Magic® don’t just happen; they’re created by people who know the formula.”

In this course you will learn about Frank, the taxi cab driver, and discover within the story that Moments of Magic® are the really great experiences that keep customers coming back for more. Moments of Magic® are not just okay or satisfactory experiences. They’re the moments that make customers want to do business with you over your competitors.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify strategies that deliver an over-the-top or above-and-beyond experience.
  • Understand the five levels of service.
  • Define what internal customers are, and identify who they are.
  •  Determine what the moments of truth are.
  • Recognize moments-of-truth chain of events.
  • Learn communication techniques and tips for delivering effective customer service.
  • Appreciate that customer service must be embraced by everyone within an organization.

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