6 Steps to Creating a Customer-Focused Culture

6 Steps to Creating a Customer-Focused Culture

Proven benefits of effective communication that will have you see staggerig results.

FACULTY: SHEP HYKEN | Time: 60 Minutes

$49 USD

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Are you looking for ways to create a stronger service culture that builds loyal relationships with your customers and a better environment for your employees?

This course is for leaders who are managers, executives, and business owners who are looking for effective communication and leadership strategies to define and deliver a customer-focused culture. Everyone needs to be in alignment in a customer-focused organization. Certain steps require the participation of everyone in the organization.

Some of the benefits of taking this course are:

  • Satisfied customers are converted to loyal customers.
  • Excellent customer service can lead to more sales from existing customers.
  • Your customers become advocates, creating word of mouth advertising.
  • A customer service-focused company reduces employee turnover.
  • Customer service increases revenue.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what makes companies great and the 6 steps to get there.
  •  Define your corporate mantra and learn ways to communicate it effectively and have it repeated.
  • Understand why you must hire people to fit the culture and align the organization’s core value, mission, and vision.
  • Determine and implement effective communication strategies for relationship building.
  • Recognize the difference between the function of the company and the goal of the company.
  • Identify ways to stay engaged and enthusiastic.
  • Master the techniques of conversation starters.

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