Super Star Sales Presentations: The Inside Secrets

Super Star Sales Presentations: The Inside Secrets

The important techniques that reveal the results you need.


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In sales, when everything else is equal, the presentation makes the difference. Learn the psychology behind your words, as well as the actual words and structure to use. These techniques will give you a competitive edge, no matter what your sell is…including yourself and your ideas. Are you confident that your sales presentations are consistently more compelling than your competition's? In this course, you will learn to outperform your competition through more effective sales presentations. When your presentations are well structured, persuasively scripted, and prospect-focused, you will have a competitive edge. Imagine the results you can achieve when you are confident that your presentations are consistently powerful, professional, polished, and focused on the needs of your clients. Envision what you will gain for a relatively small investment in this interactive, high-level, sales presentation training. Get more sales more often, improve the reputation of your company, and become known as a professional who truly cares about the success of your clients.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how to get more sales more often
  • Realize that your prospect is more interested in them than you
  • Comprehend how to adapt your presentation to the prospect’s interests
  • Determine how to structure your presentation for success
  • Assess what you want in your ‘back pocket’
  • Absorb the persuasion techniques that will get buy-in for your ideas
  • Uncover the secret of good sales conversations
  • Understand what mistakes most sales professionals make and how to eliminate them
  • Calculate what poor sales presentations really cost
  • Appreciate that every sales conversation is a missed or captured opportunity
  • Grasp how and why to be different from all other sales professionals
  • Make your words sound valuable
  • Employ success stories to take your satisfied clients with you
  • Solidify the techniques of being specific
  • Build your credibility
  • Determine what your prospects will never disagree with
  • Evaluate how and when to use examples
  • Recognize the appropriate time to build and use your PowerPoint

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