Speech Structure: The Skeleton Under the Flesh of Your Words

Speech Structure: The Skeleton Under the Flesh of Your Words

The greatest, powerful ways to always be remembered and repeated.


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You and your audiences will remember your presentations if they are built on the strong foundation of a central theme. Envision how to structure your presentations logically and conversationally. This information will save you hours of preparation and increase your impact.The goal of every presentation: to speak to be remembered and repeated. Once you have gathered your content, the most important presentation skill to develop is also the greatest time-saving activity. You must learn to organize your presentation into a logical and conversational structure. Every presentation is built around a premise or central theme. All of your talking points must prove and illustrate that premise. Next, you add your gripping opening and close on a high note with your last words lingering. Once you understand the formula, you will cut your preparation time, use fewer notes, and be able to focus more on your audience. Can you imagine the impact on your career?

Learning Objectives

  • Slash preparation time
  • Clarify your key ideas
  • Design an unbeatable premise formula
  • Calculate how to create a strong speech structure
  • Open with impact and close on a high
  • Make your last words linger
  • Build strong segments of content
  • Appreciate that a good speech structure “frees” rather than “freezes” you
  • Determine how to shorten or add content on the spot
  • Build more rehearsal into your preparation
  • Have your content remembered
  • Discover your options for openings
  • Know how to challenge appropriately
  • Determine when it is appropriate to answer questions
  • Grasp how to close on a high

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