Specificity Builds Credibility

Specificity Builds Credibility

Be authentic and conversational with your presentations.


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The world is full of sloppy speakers; don’t be one of them. Learn the power of being precise and master how to connect to technical and non-technical professionals at the same time. The secret is to use “fat” and “skinny” words.A good presentation needs to sound conversational. However, there is a big difference between conversation and a conversational-sounding speech.

If you are a good speaker who wants to be great; if you often speak in a technical area to those who are less technical; if you need to simplify the complex; or if you want to build credibility with your words, this course will be invaluable to you

Learning Objectives

  • Gain credibility with specific word choices
  • Craft remarks that sound valuable
  • Fathom how to simplify a complex message
  • Utilize the right words in the appropriate order for impact
  • Evaluate how and when to eliminate generalities
  • Deliver at different levels of abstraction
  • Speak with verbal punctuation
  • Master the skills to speak in “picture” words
  • Identify the secret to making all your presentations specific

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