Reporting to Senior Management Without Being Terrified

Reporting to Senior Management Without Being Terrified

The suprising secrets that will help you sound confident.


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For even the most competent presenter, senior management presentations can make us lose sleep. Discover what not to do, understand what is different from all other presentations, and master how to connect confidently. The higher up the corporate ladder you go, the more critical your presentation skills become. Even experienced and confident presenters get nervous in high-pressure, get-to-the-point, fast presentations. Deconstruct how to bottom-line your message, get to the point, and realize what your audience needs. Know how to build on your strengths and speak on behalf of a team.

Learning Objectives

  • Grasp the absolute must do’s and don’t’s in high pressure presentations
  • Determine how to look and act confident
  • Stand with confidence and stability
  • Realize when to prepare even a short presentation
  • Envision how to build your confidence
  • Structure your presentation for a high-level audience
  • Sell the benefits of your recommendations
  • Evaluate to make specific recommendations
  • Master making eye connection

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