Leadership Presentations: Engineers Learn How to Inspire Action and Commitment

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Leadership Presentations: Engineers Learn How to Inspire Action and Commitment

The behind the scenes techniques you need to know to creating your presentations.


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As a leader you require the confidence and specific skills to share your ideas. There is no greater way for you to position yourself for outstanding success than to learn to be a powerful, persuasive presenter. You are often faced with having to present technical information to both technical and non technical audiences. Why not benefit from the advice of a seasoned speaker and executive speech coach as you look “behind the scenes” as a shy engineer who is president of a $2 billion software company becomes a rock star speaker. Learn how to mentally and physically prepared to right message to inspire action and commitment in his professionals. By the end of this course, you will understand how not to make the mistakes most engineer leaders make and add action and commitment through your words.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize how to reveal the person behind the position
  • Appreciate why you have to be actively involved in developing your masterpiece
  • Master the techniques of making every presentation look natural
  • Value the role of rehearsal
  • Integrate the role of personal storytelling
  • Employ the secrets of inspiring action and commitment
  • Identify what can be delegated and what can’t
  • Command the most powerful technique for reviewing presentations
  • Appreciate how long it takes to create your masterpiece
  • Determine which warm up techniques work for you
  • Learn which parts need to be scripted
  • Know when to stand still and when to move

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