HR Presentations Skills Excellence: How to Create and Deliver Powerful Presentations

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HR Presentations Skills Excellence: How to Create and Deliver Powerful Presentations

Create powerfully persuasive presentations that will help you better influence others.


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How people see your organization, and its leadership, often relates to impressions made when presentations are involved. The superstars in the HR professional field give presentations at offsite meetings, team presentations, big annual meetings, or to HR associations. Your presentation content is everywhere. Learn to identify where to find it and how to make it come alive for audiences of one to one thousand. Master organizing your remarks and delivering your content with confidence. A memorable presentation needs to sound conversational, discover the secret to using “fat” and “skinny” words to connect both the technical and non technical portions of your human resource message. Understand the formula to building a presentation around a central theme that highlights all your talking points as well as engaging your team with a gripping opening and lingering closing remark. Once you understand the formula you will cut preparation time, use your notes less and focus more on your audience. Preparation is the key to creating and delivering engaging human resource presentations that will build a rapport with your team.

Learning Objectives

  • Organize the content within your presentation.
  • Identify questions to ask before every presentation.
  • Understand why and how to focus on your strengths.
  • Recognize how to turn ordinary incidents into memorable content.
  • Learn strategies to adapt your material for different audiences of all sizes.
  • Build strong segments of content.
  • Craft remarks that sound valuable.
  • Speak with verbal punctuation.
  • Master the skill to speak in “picture” words.
  • Make your content engaging and memorable.
  • Calculate how to create strong speech structure.
  • Determine how to add or shorten content on the spot.
  • Determine options for openings.
  • Create lingering last words.
  • Master the formula to slash preparation time.
  • Clarify your key ideas.
  • Challenge your audience appropriately.
  • Focus on why your target audience should care about your content.

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