HR Leadership Presentations: How to Inspire Action and Commitment

HR Leadership Presentations: How to Inspire Action and Commitment

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Effective HR leadership goes beyond managing all the tasks and responsibilities carried out by your day-today activities. As a human resource professional understanding the critical soft skills needed from any leader to effectively lead —courage, judgment, influence, effective communication and of course effective presentation skills —all of these applied to the unique position that HR occupies in an organization. In this course, led by subject matter expert Patricia Fripp learn the step-by-step process behind a shy leader’s transformation into a Rock Star Communicator. With this course, that can be you. Whether your audience is large and the stakes are high or you are engaging your team one on one, this is the course to take. Why are so many executive presentations boring and ineffective? In an era of tough competition, presentations that persuade, educate, motivate, and inspire can give you, your HR team and your organization a competitive edge. Good presentation skills are no longer simply nice skills to have. Every human resource executive leader, as well as those who aspire to be one, must learn exactly how to inspire action and commitment in others. This course simplifies the process.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize how to reveal the person behind the position.
  • Appreciate why you have to be actively involved in developing your presentation.
  • Master the techniques of making every presentation look natural.
  • Value the role of rehearsal.
  • Integrate the role of personal storytelling.
  • Employ the secrets of inspiring action and commitment.
  • Identify what can be delegated and what can’t.
  • Command the most powerful technique for reviewing presentations.
  • Appreciate how long it takes to create your presentation.
  • Determine which warm up techniques work for you.
  • Learn which parts need to be scripted.
  •  Know when to stand still and when to move.