How to use Stories to Effectively Communicate as an HR Professional

How to use Stories to Effectively Communicate as an HR Professional

Unlock your storytelling skills that will make you a leader.


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When you are looking for ways to be an effective leader and communicator, storytelling will help you and your HR team connect with others and build influence. Developing effective storytelling ability will help you lead your HR team and influence actions. Story telling is also a great tool that that can be used to engage people with initiatives when you need to inspire action and commitment Nobody can resist a good story that is well told. Unearth the little-known secrets that will make your stories and examples come alive. Good stories can be “seen” and are more like scenes from movies. Master the use of dialogue. How often have you sat in an HR presentation or meeting and been mesmerized by the person who is speaking? Was it their compelling content? Their ability to make you think, “That person is talking just to me”? Or was it their storytelling ability? Have you ever been that speaker? If you have heard a good business presentation that you remembered, at least one of the features that made it memorable was the stories. In this course, you will realize that a well-told story has the power to help you make decisions, turn numbing data into drama, simplify the complex, make company history come alive, teach values and how to behave, explain job responsibilities, and inspire teamwork and cooperation. Don’t wait; gain these skills now to become a more effective human resource professional.

Learning Objectives

  • Adapt Hollywood techniques to your business situation.
  • Connect emotionally and intellectually to any audience of any size.
  • Identify good examples, case histories, and stories.
  • Incorporate all aspects of effective storytelling.
  • Perfect your storytelling ability.
  • Explore an unlimited source of examples.
  • Appreciate why stories connect and have power.
  • Grasp the unbeatable story formulas.
  • Discover how to tie your point to your examples.
  • Uncover the many places to find original, powerful stories.
  • Realize why your stories need to be original.
  • Comprehend how dialogue drives the story forward.
  • Recognize how to simplify the complex.
  • Determine when a story is appropriate.
  • Understand why a story does not have to be 100% true.
  • Master the techniques of the phrase that pays.
  • Embrace the secrets of delivery

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