Finding Your Content: Discover the Treasure Trove in Your Life

Finding Your Content: Discover the Treasure Trove in Your Life

The behind the scenes techniques to creating your presentations.


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Your speech content is everywhere. Learn to identify where to find it, how to make it come alive, and how to personalize it for each audience. Every speech, presentation, seminar, report, or conversation is packed with content or presentation material. In this course, you will recognize that you can captivate your listeners every time you open your mouth when you create a timeline of your life and career. Identify how much you know, what lessons there are in the ups and downs of every career, how to attribute meaning where there may seem to be none, and how to have interesting conversations in which you ask thoughtful questions. In this course, learn to tap into the treasure trove that is your life.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine what questions to ask yourself that can lead to a plethora of material
  • Identify what questions to ask others that add to your arsenal of content
  • Discover how to make seemingly ordinary incidents become interesting
  • Realize that family gatherings help you with your speech development
  • Organize your content within your presentation
  • Strategize how to adapt your content to different audiences

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