Leadership Isn’t For Cowards

Leaderships Isn't For Cowards

Proven skills that will make you a courageous leader and drive performance.

FACULTY: MIKE STAVER | Time: 90 Minutes

$49 USD

More About the Course

This is an online course. Available 24/7 - 365 days a year. Approved for continuing education credits.


Are you looking for proven methods to increase performance by challenging people and confronting problems? This course Leadership Isn't for Cowards provides a no-nonsense guide to driving performance while still maintaining a great place to work.

Leadership lsn’t For Cowards offers straightforward steps to leading courageously and practical tips for driving performance. Courageous leadership means toughening your approach by being rigorous in the application of your values through the company culture. It means confronting and challenging people, and not letting them get away with being less than you know they can be. The path to courageous leadership has six components: Accept Your Current Circumstances, Take Responsibility, Take Action, Acknowledge Progress, Commit to Lifelong Learning, and Kindle Relationships.

In this 90-minute course, Mike Staver will explore the depth and breadth of leadership and see how challenging your perspective can transform the way you lead. Build your leadership style. Grow your people and your business. Earn continuing education credits as you develop courageous leadership.

Learning Objectives

  • Engage with the real circumstances facing you every day in order to solve problems and improve the function of your team.
  • Optimize your communication.
  • Increase your action orientation.
  • Discover the negative impacts of action without responsibility and learn what you can do to fix it.
  • Learn to identify pinch points that stop the flow of business.
  • Acknowledge progress effectively using eight key steps. Give meaningful recognition that improves overall results.
  • Identify important leadership habits and commit to using them effectively.
  • Increase your influence in your workplace.