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Mike Staver is the CEO of The Staver Group and has been described as a “rebel with a cause.” What is that cause? Working with leaders in industries around the world to help them confront their realities, zero in on their fears, take action in spite of those fears, and start making the quick decisions necessary to achieve outstanding results in a global economy. With a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s in psychology, Mike cuts through the superfluous and gets to the heart of what needs to be done. Through his keynote speaking and executive coaching, he reaches tens of thousands of people each year and challenges them to courageously rethink business as usual.

An advocate of counter-intuitive thinking, Mike resists conventional wisdom and instead presents the cold, hard truth with challenging honesty. Mike is unafraid of confronting what needs to be confronted; you will be inspired to take courageous action where needed after experiencing his influence. His high energy, love of humor, and his uncanny ability to simplify complex issues and make them actionable and memorable make him one of the most inspiring speakers you will ever hear.