Profitable Business Relationships

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Profitable Business Relationships 101

Exclusive techniques on how to focus your communication when you cultivate relationships and build trust.

FACULTY: JIM CATHCART | Time: 60 Minutes

$35 USD

Learning Objectives

  • Unlock the elements of relationship management
  • The 8 competencies to profitable business relationships
  • Understand how your attitude reflects on others and your self-respect
  • Effective listening skills
  • Determine what the process is of profitable business relationships
  • Learn the importance and keys to good communication and listening skills

Credits Guaranteed!

1 CORE /0 RD

More About the Course

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ACC, PCC and MCC - ICF Members earn 1 CORE credit.


A Relationship is a direct connection between people in which value is exchanged. In order to grow (profitability) business professionals need to focus on the value being exchanged through their relationships. Whether it’s with existing customers, your clients or future customers. Building strong relationships is one of the most important business tools any professional can master. When you have good relationships, people respond to you faster and are willing to go that extra mile.

As you learn how to cultivate connections that have high-trust and low-tension you will build profitable business relationships.

In this one-hour course, Jim Cathcart will walk you through many simple learnable ways to cultivate those relationships, to build trust, discover and fulfill the needs of the person you are building a relationship with. Jim uses stories from different industry professionals and how his strategies have applied to their professional careers.

As you learn to create a reputation that you want to be known for, you are better equipped to manage your reputation and build profitable business relationships and gain the career advancements that you need.