The Theory of Closing Sales for Certified Financial Planners

The Theory of Closing Sales with Grant Cardone for Certified Financial Planners

Understand the value of the close in order to secure direct results.


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Learning Objectives

  • The Cost of Not Closing
  • The Winners Exchange
  • The Goal of the Closer
  • Know vs No
  • Closing is a Service
  • Relationships and the Close
  • Communication Techniques for the Close

Approved for CE credits When You Need Them

More About the Course

As an advisor, when you develop a deeper understanding of what is truly happening in the close of the deal, you are better equipped to help your clients understand and implement actions to close a transaction.

“How to close more deals?”, “How can I be more confident in the close?”, and “How can I increase my closing ratios?” are questions you ask on a regular basis.

In this course, you will master Grant Cardone's proven techniques and theories of what the close really is, why you fail in the close, and you will learn some of the most advanced tips required to become lethal in this step of the deal. A misunderstanding of the close will prevent you from persisting in the close, even to the point where asking some difficult questions is required will all be covered.