Leadership: The Art of Negotiation with Grant Cardone Part 1 of 2

Leadership: The Art of Negotiation with Grant Cardone Part 1 of 2

Valuable ways to persuade others that will get you the unexpected results you want.


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Being able to persuade people and engender their support is one of the most vital skills a modern-day leader can possess, particularly with regard to negotiations. Winning at the negotiating table provides critical momentum that can both expand and energize any organization. The growth of a business or venture is one of your primary responsibilities as a leader and through successfully negotiating vendor contracts, employee compensation offers, and product or service contracts, this can be achieved.


  • You’re open to admitting that the way you’ve tried to negotiate and close people in the past needs to change if you want to achieve higher levels of success and happiness in your life
  • You want to stop blindly trying to “wing it” and start emulating the most successful salespeople in the world
  • You feel like you’ve gotten about as far as you can on your own and are ready for an extra push to take you to your first million and beyond
  • You’re willing to invest at least 15 minutes a day on improving your closing and negotiating skills
  • You’ve invested in yourself before only to be disappointed in the results — and you just haven’t found any material that works for you…. YET!

In part 1 of 2 of The Art of Negotiation with Grant Cardone, he will cover the underlying theory of negotiating and closing a deal. This foundational course will provide clarity to an area of leadership that few truly excel at. By using the information in this course any leader will be able to approach negotiations with confidence.

Learning Objectives

  • The Cost of Not Closing
  • The Winners Exchange
  • The Goal of the Closer
  • Know vs No
  • Closing is a service
  • Relationships and the Close

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Mastering the Art of Negotiation 2 of 2

About Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is considered one of the Top 10 Most Influential CEOs in the world. Multiple New York Times bestselling author, international speaker, business innovator, TV personality, owner and producer of Cardone TV, founder and owner of three multi-million dollar companies, and XTRAcredits course curriculum developer and facilitator.

Cardone speaks internationally to industry leaders, managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs on sales, money, finance, business strategies and business expansion. Cardone became known worldwide for his Information Assisted Selling (TM), as a completely new way of effectively selling in the 21st century.

His expertise is now being employed by thousands of people and companies in the United States and Canada and are applied to products of all types and price ranges, products sold directly to the consumer, to the wholesale provider, both tangible and intangible sales.


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Grant Cardone will help you achieve your goals and 10X your career - your business, all while you earn your continuing education credits.

From Fortune 500 companies revamping their entire selling systems, to individuals and entrepreneurs using Cardone’s sales, leadership and communication approaches and philosophies, to fundraising for non-profit organizations such as churches and the United Way, all are using his sales, leadership approaches and systems to increase their effectiveness. CardoneCE.com