Master the Grant Cardone Cold Call Technique for Executive Coaches

Master the Grant Cardone Cold Call Technique for Executive Coaches

The most lethal tactics you will ever implement for the greatest competitive edge.


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The Cold Call is the single most powerful and effective way a coach can help a client increase their sales and exceed their quota. When you master the Grant Cardone techniques of a cold call, you will then be able to effectively coach your clients on how they can learn to become masters at cold call techniques.

Cold calls put the sales person in the driver’s seat of their success. The cold call can help clients who are a startup grow with low cost, the entrepreneur share their idea without an advertising budget, and the client who is a sales person to be at the cause of their production not the effect of a companies leads.

When you are able to teach your client to master the cold call, it’s guaranteed to be one of the most valuable techniques that a coach can learn and then teach their clients so that they can employ. Most coaching clients who are sales people despise making cold calls and in most cases do everything in their power to avoid making them. So how can this be fixed? Learn the Grant Cardone techniques so you can intern instill the confidence and motivation to help your clients with a cold call.

This complete 4 part course lays out the techniques and answers to every question you ever had about techniques for training your clients on the success of a cold call, including how to get past the gatekeeper every time. Inside you will learn the one magic question that will allow you to help your clients win more calls than you ever thought possible.

Learning Objectives

  • Cold Calling Basics
  • Preparing for the Cold Call
  • What are the Types of Calls
  • The 5 Steps You Must Cover on a Cold Call
  • The Step by Step Guide to Building the Perfect Script
  • How to Get Past the Gatekeeper
  • What Never to Do With the Gatekeeper
  • How to Handle the 12 Objections That Will Kill Success
  • How to Energize Your Phone Sales
  • How to Focus Your Efforts Daily
  • Getting Your Day Started Right
  • Your Daily List of Cold Call ALWAYS Practices
  • Magic Questions That Advance the Call
  • The BEST Time to Call
  • Leaving Voicemails
  • The Importance of Response Time
  • Understanding the Facts of Follow-up

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