Master the Grant Cardone Cold Call Technique 4 of 4

Master the Grant Cardone Cold Call Technique 4 of 4

Colossal sales is what happens when you crush the competition for the first time.


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It's nearly impossible to avoid cold calling, especially when you're just starting out in your career. If you wait until someone knocks on your door, you won't have a job for long. After all, when you are sold on what you have to offer so much that it would be unethical not to tell others, confidence and communication is key.

Part 4 of 4 of the Cold Call Mastery course with Grant Cardone was designed to help you put the skills learned in the previous parts of the course into action. This course is focused on the small things that make a big difference in contact rates, conversation rates, and overall success.

Learning Objectives

  • How to Energize Your Phone Sales
  • How to Focus Your Efforts Daily
  • Getting Your Day Started Right
  • Your Daily List of Cold Call ALWAYS Practices
  • Magic Questions That Advance the Call
  • The Best Time to Call
  • Leaving Voicemails
  • The Importance of Response Time
  • Understanding The Facts of Follow-up

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