Master the Grant Cardone Cold Call Technique 3 of 4

Master the Grant Cardone Cold Call Technique 3 of 4

Reveal the hidden secrets inside you that will make you a master.


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Increase your confidence, increase your sales. Cold calls will make or break you in business. Get the PERFECT cold call process. It’s amazing how small changes in a few phrases on a phone call will keep a customer from shopping the competition. Or how asking for an appointment with just a slight change in inflection will improve your show rate on appointments by 500%! The sooner your srt to cold call, the better off you will be. Set your targets high, the more calls you have to make, the quicker you'll deal with rejection. And with all those calls to make, you have no time to dwell.

Part 3 of 4 of the Cold Call Mastery course with Grant Cardone tackles the most challenging parts of the cold call – the script, the gatekeeper and the objections. These 3 components are the cornerstones of your success. In this course, Grant will walk you step by step to build a bullet proof script and the tips to get you past the gatekeeper.

Learning Objectives

  • The 5 Steps You Must Cover on a Cold Call
  • The Step by Step Guide to Building the Perfect Script
  • How to Get Past the Gatekeeper
  • What to Never Do With the Gatekeeper
  • How to Handle the 12 Objections that Will Kill Success

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