Master the Grant Cardone Cold Call Technique 2 of 4

Master the Grant Cardone Cold Call Technique 2 of 4

Empower yourself when you overcome the challenges of the cold call process.


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As a professional, you already understand the cold call is necessary and unavoidable. As long as you need something in business — more clients, a business deal, a loan or a favor, you will have to get to the right person, get their attention and convince them to take action.

Part 2 of 4 of the Cold Call Mastery course with Grant Cardone will follow up where Part 1 left off, by getting you prepared to start making calls. Those most successful at making cold calls have the best practices that will ensure their success. This course will cover the necessary things you MUST do in preparation to set yourself up for success.

Learning Objectives

  • The Math to Hit Your Targets with Cold Calls
  • How to Get Started Building Your Call List
  • The Most Valuable Cold Calling Tool
  • Best Practices with Role Play to Increase Conversions
  • The Power of Anticipation
  • The Magic of Notes

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