Master the Grant Cardone Cold Call Technique 1 of 4

Master the Grant Cardone Cold Call Technique 1 of 4

Proven ways to find the magic that will bring you massive sales leads.


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The Cold Call is the single most powerful and effective way a professional regardless of their industry, can increase their sales and grow their organization. Cold Calls put you in the driver’s set of your own career and your success. When you join Grant Cardone to learn the skill and techniques to master the cold call, you will learn the one magic question that will allow you to win more calls than you ever thought possible.

Part 1 of 4 of the Cold Call Mastery course with Grant Cardone is an introduction to the basics of being successful on the cold call and the types of calls that professionals make.

Learning Objectives

  • Cold Calling Basics
  • Preparing Clients for the Cold Call
  • How to Teach Clients How to Handle Cold Call Objections
  • What are the Types of Calls
  • Techniques on How to Get Past the Gate Keeper
  • How to Build the Perfect Cold Call Scripts

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