Leadership: The Art of Negotiation with Grant Cardone Part 2 of 2

Leadership: The Art of Negotiation Part 2 of 2

How to navigate any challenge with certainty and convinction and you will see surprising results.


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Being able to persuade people and engender their support is one of the most vital skills a modern day leader can possess, particularly with regard to negotiations. Winning at the negotiating table provides critical momentum that can both expand and energize any organization. The growth of a business or venture is one of your primary responsibilities as a leader and through successfully negotiating vendor contracts, employee compensation offers, and product or service contracts, this can be achieved.

In part 2 of 2 of The Art of Negotiation with Grant Cardone, Grant will cover the most common reasons that people fail in negotiations or the closing of a sale. Most have never taken the time to deconstruction and identify the outpoints and the things the cause negotiations to deteriorate. This course on the most common pitfalls leaders make with negotiations is sure give you the tools necessary to navigate any negotiation situation with certainty and conviction.

Learning Objectives

  • The Most Common Reasons You Don’t Close
  • What You Don’t Know About Pressure
  • The Golden Rule of Emotions in The Close
  • The Truth About Objections, Nobody Ever Told You
  • Identifying The REAL barrier to Getting a YES

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