Control Your Time Rather Than Manage It

Control Your Time Rather Than Manage It

Revolutionary focus will have the highest reward.


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Look to control time, don’t manage time. It is critical during any time in your life that you establish a very disciplined schedule to keep yourself focused and productive at all times. It’s easy to become halted and thus find yourself doing little more than being unproductive.

You know why? Because if you are anything like me, I don’t care what time it is. I want to take whatever time I have right now and I want to condense as much activity as I can into that moment. I am not looking at managing an hour; I am looking at eating minutes, seconds.

In this course you will learn strategies and techniques to help you think in terms of "all," and not place limits on yourself. Learn to quit thinking in terms of either/or, and start thinking all and everything. 10X your schedule and dominate your time. At the workplace, work by the 10X Rule and tackle your projects like your career depends on it—because it does. Manage every action as though a camera is on you, every step of the way.

Learning Objectives

  • Look to Control Time Rather than Manage It
  •  How to Schedule Your Day in 15-Minute Blocks
  • Make Quality Time for Your Family Everyday
  • Keep Statistics on Everything Important
  • Keep a Full Calendar
  • Go to Bed Early
  • Be the First One Up in Your Neighborhood
  • Stay So Busy You are Running Everywhere You Go
  • Schedule Short Breaks
  • Get Things Done Long Before Required of You
  • Break Your Life into Priorities and Win at All of Them
  • Write a Daily Battle Plan

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