Communication and Persuasion Basics for Financial Planners

Communication and Persuasion Basics for Financial Planners

Effective ways to communicate that will make you successful.


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Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn:

  • Learn the first rule of effective communication for the best client engagement
  • How to advance conversations when there is disagreement
  • The best way to validate a claim or position
  • Tips and techniques for building trust with your clients
  • Effective ways to communicate back for a better understanding of client needs for validation.

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More About the Course

In financial planning, obtaining agreement from a client or prospect is key to solidifying a relationship and building trust.

Being able to use non-confrontational communication to effectively disclose terms, research, and recommendations is vital for your success. Non-confrontational communication based around finding points of agreement is one of the most powerful persuasive techniques and essential to ensure that all communication with clients move forward and end with a positive outcome.