How to be a Powerful Communicator When You Listen Effectively

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How to be a Powerful Communicator When You Listen Effectively

When you truly listen to others you will get results.


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Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn more abut The CARESS Model for active listening:

  • Concentration – how to maintain your focus
  • Acknowledgement - ways to demonstrate your interest and attention
  • Research – gather information via skillful use of questions and statements
  • Exercise Emotional Control – how to avoid inappropriately jumping to conclusions
  • Sensing - recognize and understand nonverbal messages
  • Structure – organize and prioritize the information you hear


Approved for 1.0 CORE Credits at ICF
Approved for 1 HR General Credit at SHRM

More About the Course

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How often have you thought to yourself, “Why aren’t they listening to me?”

When you learn to listen more effectively, your communication pays off in stronger trust bonds and increased sales.

Often, without intending to be rude, your enthusiasm for a subject and your own desire to hear yourself talk causes you to forget courtesy. At other times, you may be so involved with your own point of view that you forget to listen to what the other person is saying. You just plain stop listening!

Others feel special when they find people who actively listen and try to understand what they have to say about their problems and needs. Once that occurs, the speaker generally reciprocates by listening when it’s the other person’s turn to speak. That leads to an open, honest information exchange. Isn’t that what communication is all about?


  • Improve the environment at work, home, management and sales
  • Reduce relationship tensions and hostilities
  • Save time by reducing mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Reduce employee turnover and lost sales/customers