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DISC Eworkbook at XTRAcredits

Imagine the results when you are able to better understand others and adjust to their differences through observation of their behaviors.

This FREE eWorkbook will help you to apply DISC and eliminate much of the needless mystery, misunderstanding, and conflict that stop teams from working effectively together.


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John Gray testimony Dr. Tony Alessandra at XTRAcredits

Dr. Tony Alessandra's work brilliantly provides effective insights for anyone looking to improve communication in any and all situations.

John Gray, Ph.D. - Author, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

The DISC Platinum Rule will show you how to
“Do unto others the way they want and need you to do unto them” by teaching you to:

• UNDERSTAND that although each individual’s personality is as unique as his or her thumbprint, many behaviors can be positioned within a systematic, predictable framework.


• IDENTIFY how a person’s behavioral patterns influence what that person wants, needs, and expects from you and others, as well as how that person communicates those wants, needs, and expectations. People will actually tell you how to deal with them if you know what to listen and look for.

• ADAPT to people in a way that will reduce tension and increase cooperation and trust in all varieties of relationships.