Building Better Communication with DISC Assessments for Human Resource Professionals

Building Better Communication with DISC Assessments for Human Resource Professionals

Powerful positive ways to influence people and situations that will make you have successful realtionships.


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More About the Course

This course is available online 24/7 and is approved at SHRM and HRCI for your professional development credits.  INCLUDES a DISC assessment.

You have 90 days to complete this course upon purchase. This course is a combination of  Dr. Tony's courses.


Your ability to positively influence people and situations is directly related to how you behave and communicate. The basis for being able to influence others and have strong, positive relationships lies in understanding yourself, understanding others and realizing the impact your behavior has on other people. And, these factors contribute to a strong, healthy organizational culture. Understanding DISC and how the DISC assessment applies to building better communication is included in this course.

Communication is at the very heart of who we are and what we do and for most of us we never figure people out. We just ricochet through life, getting along with some people and dealing as little as possible with others because they're so different from us.

In this HIGHLY entertaining and insightful comprehensive course, Dr. Tony Alessandra helps you learn powerful life skills that will serve you well not only with your team relationships, but with all your relationships.

Recognizing different behavioral styles and how that shapes individual perceptions and influences decision-making is essential in mastering the core competencies of communication, relationship management, leadership navigation, critical evaluation and cultural effectiveness. A DISC assessment helps you better recognize and understand the different behavioral styles.

In this course, Dr. Tony Alessandra will help you apply your understanding of the DISC and apply it to your every day communication.

Learning Objectives

  • Utilize DISC styles to help you understand the unique needs of others and better match the right behavioral style with the right career position.
  • Connect with each DISC style and create natural and influential relationships
  • Explore each DISC style’s needs
  • Understand the need to adapt your behavioral style to match your team members behavioral style.

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