Building Better Coaching Relationships

Building Better Coaching Relationships

Successful tested methods that you need to know that will make you better coach.


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Learning Objectives

Coach others how to improve their task and people skills.

  • Establish stronger relationships with clients by understanding their behavior and communication style
  • Plan better client coaching sessions to ensure the best outcomes.
  • Learn how to have your client’s access natural strengths to match employees with the best possible job fit.
  • Show your clients how to easily motivate their staff
  • DISCover how to combine DISC resources for more effective coaching
  • Customize unique DISC-based training solutions to learn how to work with clients and achieve improved relationships, more effective communications, conflict resolution, better teamwork and improved sales effectiveness.
  • Build an assessment revenue stream
  • DISCover how to exponentially propel your clients who are fast trackers with success!

Approved For 7 CORE Credits

More About Building Better Coaching Relationships

Approved at ICF for 7.0 CORE Credits - Includes a DISC Assessment!

Available 24/7 - 365 Days a year.  You have 90 days to complete the course upon purchase.


Is the goal of your coaching to enhance your clients’ specific skills or performance and build better coaching relationships?

Assessments measuring specific abilities can be very useful to help your clients increase awareness and facilitate behavior change. As coaches, you are often engaged to work with people based on the results of performance reviews, assessments or other tools used to measure results and modify personal behaviors in the professional workplace. This course teaches you powerful life skills that will serve you well not only with building better coaching relationships with your client relationships, but also with all your relationships. When you correctly communicate, motivate, counsel, correct, delegate, acknowledge & help your coaching clients, they increase their levels of performance and make better decisions.

Increase your core competencies when you are able to understand people’s patterns of behavior, you will also unlock your ability to get along with nearly everyone.

In this building better coaching relationships course, receive practical training from Dr. Tony Alessandra that will have a substantial positive impact on your ability to positively influence, build relationships, and trust with others.

This course also includes your very own DISC behavioral assessment.

This course is the ultimate in flexibility. Take at your own pace, anytime, and from any device. This course is for coaches who are looking for a deeper level of understanding and awareness in their coaching, plus add some new skills to their tool kits.

Recognizing different behavioral styles and how that shapes individual perceptions and influences decision making is essential in mastering the ICF core competencies of:

• establish trust and intimacy

• co-creating the relationship

• direct communication

• creating awareness

As a coach you need to learn strategies and rules to leverage the DISC Behavioral Style communication strategies to help your coaching clients reach their real potential consistently!  Learn how to interpret assessments to produce profitable coaching and training. Start today building better coaching relationships.

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