Building and Maintaining Rapport Throughout the Selling Cycle

Building and Maintaining Rapport Throughout the Selling Cycle

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Are you looking to improve your customer communication and increase your overall sales performance? The most effective salespeople do not use a one-size fits all approach to selling. They know how to read the unique needs of each customer and how to meet those needs. In this course, Dr. Tony Alessandra will help you identify actionable sales tip for the sales cycle and what DISC sales strategy suits each sales phase.

Learning Objectives

  • DISC styles help in improving sales by understanding the unique needs of the customer and enhance the overall customer service and satisfaction process
  • Connect with each DISC style and create natural and influential relationships
  • Explore each DISC style’s needs
  • Understand the need to adapt your sales strategy to meet your clients’ buying style
  • DISCover and Present solutions to and with each DISC style
  • Confirming the Sales strategies for each style of DISC
  • Improve customer satisfaction

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