Powerful Coaching Conversations: The Mindset That Guarantee’s Coaching Results

Powerful Coaching Conversations: The Mindset That Guarantee's Coaching Results

Tested and proven ways to master the behavioral mindset.


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APPROVED FOR 1 CORE CCE Credit.  Available anytime ONLINE. You have 90 days to complete the course once purchased.


Your success as a coach depends largely on identifying and recognizing both your sub-personalities and those of your client’s.

When you have a deeper understanding of how to identify and develop your sub-personalities, you are better positioned to quiet your mind and help your clients identify and understand hidden agendas. Understanding sub-personalities can help eliminate the saboteurs that can derail coaching results.

Most of us have sub-personalities that were created and developed to cope with specific situations in our lives. At this point in adulthood, they may no longer be useful or necessary. When your client’s see who might be running their lives, they can then make choices to become senior to their subs. Support your clients in becoming the CEO of their lives; this is a powerful tool that can positively transform your coaching relationships. Discover who is unconsciously lurking within and possibly sabotaging your client’s visions, dreams, and goals.

In this course, Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, MCC will help you discover parts of yourself that may be operating in opposition to your intended goals. You will also gain the ability to help your clients discover their “secret subs” and align their energies toward their goals. Based on Dr. Cherie’s book, Become One: Claim the Driver’s Seat of Your Life, these case studies are individual, unique and profound.

Learning Objectives

  • Internal Voice Identification vs. Voice Management
  • What is the mind dialogue?
  • Discover three options to manage sub-personalities
  • How to identify and describe your sub-personalities
  • Evaluate the five stages to integrate sub-personalities
  • An in-depth view into two sub-personalities

ICF Core Competencies:

  • Provides ongoing support for and champions new behaviors and actions, including those involving risk taking and fear of failure.
  • Asks permission to coach client in sensitive, new areas
  • Is present and flexible during the coaching process, dancing in the moment
  • Accesses own intuition and trusts one's inner knowing—"goes with the gut."
  • Is open to not knowing and takes risks • Sees many ways to work with the client and chooses in the moment what is most effective
  • Uses humor effectively to create lightness and energy
  • Confidently shifts perspectives and experiments with new possibilities for own action
  • Demonstrates confidence in working with strong emotions and can self-manage and not be overpowered or enmeshed by client's emotions

Pre-Approved For 1 CORE credit