How to really hire the best employees.

How to really hire the best employees.

The Interview System for hiring the best and brightest.


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Hiring the wrong people over and over again is exhausting. When you tap into exceptional people you will reduce turnover, have a better corporate culture, and extend longevity.

You can learn the key secrets to hiring the right people with a proven recruiting systematic process for interviewing and hiring.

How to really hire the best employees.

This course is for you when you are looking to:

  • Regain time and money by avoiding bad candidates.
  • Implement an exact process for interviewing & hiring the most qualified and best fit for your team.
  • Eliminate the stress of finding quality people.

Learn the strategies that David Lee Jensen, XTRAcredits Hiring Expert, bestselling author, and Fortune 50 speaker has developed through decades of trial and error.

This online course at XTRAcredits will help you go beyond the polished résumés, pre-screened references, and scripted answers, to hire more creative and effective members for your team.

This Online Course is available anytime, on any device. You have 90 days after your purchase to complete the course and print your completion certificate.


Learning Objectives

  • Save time and money with the Pre-interview essentials
  • Recognize how to define the role of the position
  • Analyze the review process before hiring
  • Discover the fundamentals of correctly promoting the position
  • Implement a phone screening process
  • Master the art of interviewing (100 interview questions that are targeted for specific areas, skills and traits you want to know more about.)
  • The Second interview process revealed
  • Implement effective Reference checks
  • Uncover the Best Hiring Practices


Approved For PDC/CE Credits When You Need Them

More About Your XTRAcredits Faculty - David Lee Jensen


David Lee Jensen is a Bestselling Author, International Speaker and Entrepreneur with over 25 years experience as a C-level executive and SMB consultant. He is most well-known as the Founder & CEO of  The Hiring Academy, virtual training to hire the right person the first time and every time.

A prolific writer, David scribed the Amazon #1 Bestseller The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret. This book has received worldwide accolades as a straight-talk guide to the interviewing & hiring process. He professes that hiring should be easy, once systemized, giving business owners freedom to pull-back and focus on what’s truly important to them.  He also writes for The Huffington Post, bylined as The Hiring Guru.

David is an intuitive coach/consultant, having helped literally hundreds of business owners one-on-one to accelerate expansion. From core-message development to crisis management, his in-depth experience parlays street smarts with boardroom savvy.


His understanding spans diverse industries; coaching executives in the fields of human resources, banking, entertainment, marketing, public relations, telecommunications, and retail franchises to name a few. Along the way he has continuously produced stellar results for clients driving statistics to highest-ever ranges.

Consulting and holding President of a Merchant Services company, he spearheaded portfolio growth to $2.5 billion in processing, industry-leading client retention, ranking as Top US providers, and award-winning service. He strategically implemented “corporate structure” into a family business that grew to over 150 employees, while maintaining the personal care and service they were renowned for. He fully credits this to procurement of quality people, creating an internal team-oriented atmosphere that fostered team member retention.