How to ditch the drama and breakthrough people barriers to get results.

How to ditch the drama and breakthrough people barriers to get astonishing results.

Unlock the foundational secrets to reality-based leadership to increased engagement and improved results.

FACULTY: CY WAKEMAN | Time: 60 Minutes

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How to Ditch The Drama

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Did you know that the average employee spends two hours and twenty-six minutes per day in drama and emotional waste?

While wages and salaries vary greatly from organization to organization, let’s use a hypothetical of a company with 100 employees, each earning $30 an hour and working 40 hours a week. Annually, wages paid would equal $6,240,000. Based on our research on the cost of emotional waste, well over $1,794,000 would have to be written off as a loss.

Imagine the dramatic impact on profitability that would be seen if you could recapture the two-plus hours per employee per day being expended on Emotional Waste. That is what the Reality-Based philosophy is all about.

The best way to eliminate waste in the workplace is to improve processes and the best way to eliminate emotional waste from the workplace is to implement great mental processes.  In fact, I have redefined the role of a leader to be one who eliminates emotional waste from the workplace by teaching and holding others accountable to great mental processes.

Employee engagement focusing on engagement without accountability drives entitlement not results. Learning the fundamentals of reality-based leadership is the first step to increased engagement and improved results.

Learning Objectives

These times are calling for a new type of leader. We need leaders who are willing and able to recreate mindsets-their own and the mindsets of others - in order to change circumstances and lead in a new and revolutionary way.

• Understand the principles of Reality-Based Leadership

• Identify the reasons the current leadership model is failing

• Learn how to apply the principles to your work place and in your coaching opportunities

This course will help aid professionals with an innovative and revolutionary new look at their roles in the organization.

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