Building Credibility Through Reality-Based inclusion

Building Credibility Through Reality-Based Inclusion

How to discover and seize developmental opportunities in every challenge.

FACULTY: CY WAKEMAN | Time: 60 Minutes

$79 USD

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Building Credibility Through Reality-Based Inclusion 


Frustrated? Limited with resources? Diversity and inclusion efforts can be unnecessarily painful and can result in leaving people frustrated and without a clear plan for how to move forward.

Reality-Based Inclusion is different. When you learn the two critical approaches to use when thinking about diversity and inclusion and why it is important not to conflate the two when trying to gain success on diverse teams, you will succeed.

Rather than focused on our circumstances, what is wrong with our organizations and or our systems and then seeing those as the reasons we can’t often succeed.

Your circumstances are simply the reality in which we must succeed. 

In this course you will also learn to grow beyond these circumstances to ensure that your diverse backgrounds and talents add value to the organization and are readily accepted by your teammates.

Learning Objectives - Reality-Based Inclusion

  • Understand typical responses to change and how to move through resistance towards more productive behaviors.
  • Use your talent to execute, not be opinionated.
  • Understand the foundation and basics of inclusion
  • Learn to anticipant and capitalize on change.
  • Discover what is short-term reality – the power structure
  • Build credibility through reality-based inclusion
  • Analyze the predictable patterns
  • Recognize the filters
  • What is Inclusively living
  • How to overcome your limitation

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