Understanding Your Own Attitude

Why An Understanding of Your Own Attitude is Critical to Your Success

Powerful positive ways to fascinate people so you will have remarkable results.


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Attitude is the key success factor and the foundation to your coaching success. Your attitude towards yourself and others influences your behavior towards them. Your attitude affects your level of satisfaction with your life and with your job. Your attitude affects everyone who comes into contact with you.

Your attitude is reflected in your tone of voice, posture and facial expressions. Your attitude can affect your health. It is your attitude that will make the biggest difference in your life—particularly when it comes to what you want to be, to do or to have. Your past and present are a result of your past attitude. However, your present attitude will determine your future. Right now, you are the author of your future.

How you see yourself, your self-worth, your self-esteem and your self-confidence is all part of your attitude. How you are perceived by others can influence your attitude, as it has in the past. That is external influence. If you accept that influence, whether it is positive or negative, you will let it affect you internally. However, if you become aware of those external influences and decide to lead from within, you start to take control of your attitude and will be more focused to better serve your coaching clients.

In this 2 hour course, we guarantee you will walk away better equipped as a coach to answer a few simple questions to help you improve your attitude and gain the results you need to be a more successful coach and advance your career, and that of your clients. This course includes a workbook takeaway.

Remember, your attitude in 100% within your control and you can make your attitude whatever you want. This course will focus on the following:

Understanding Success from the inside-out
Understanding Attitude
How do Buyers, your coaching clients like to be treated?
What is the key success factor?
Your Attitude Indicator
Client Relations Attitude Scale
Understanding Internal and External Motivation
Understanding Discipline

Learning Objectives

• Who the most important person in the world really is
• Understanding how attitude is the foundation to success, in yourself and in others Understanding the difference between internal vs external motivation
• What the definition of discipline is, while discovering what your (and your coaching clients) daily disciplines need to be to be successful
• To review beliefs, where they came from, how they affect you and to make changes especially in those beliefs that are holding you, or your clients, back
• Understanding who you, or your client, really are – roles vs no roles
• Overcoming F.E.A.R. while learning the importance of the word A.S.K and other rights that you have as a human being so that you and your clients can excel
• Developing an owner’s mentality and learning what is and what is not under your control
• Knowing yourself, a great exercise for your coaching clients as well

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