Increase Your Results Through Appropriate Behavior

Increase Your Results Through Appropriate Behavior

Understand your enormous growth potential when you're exposed to new opportunities.


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Approved for 2.0 CORE Credits


You can have a fantastic attitude, but a positive attitude alone is not enough to guarantee long term success. As a business coach you have to demonstrate appropriate behavior. One of the most important behaviors is to set goals, monitor and measure them, make adjustments as you go, and strive for their accomplishments. In order to be successful at this you must know your own behavioral ratio’s.

In this 2 hour course, you will learn on your own personal level to understand the relationship between positive behaviors and success. Behavior is the manner in which you conduct yourself. You will identify and develop personal goals and action plans based on your desires, while creating permanent self-motivation. As you learn to accept a new positive behavior towards yourself you will become a more effective and successful as a business coach.

Appropriate behavior drives opportunities. Opportunities come from setting goals. What do you want out of life or out of your coaching business? Who could determine this for you and who can make it happen? What are the daily behavior’s that you must apply to be a more effective business coach and live the life of your dreams?

This course will focus on the following:

Behavior Towards Yourself
Why Set Goals, what is in it for YOU?
Know what you want
Group, Categorize, Prioritize
Are you willing to Pay the price
S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Creating a Goal Log
Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Obstacles/ Contingencies
Skills and Behaviors

Learning Objectives

Why you should set goals, but more importantly what do you, or your clients want out of life.

Understanding the importance of creating a goal log and identifying each of the following:
• How to set personal and business S.M.A.R.T. goals
• How to define outcomes that you can see, hear and feel, as if the goal was accomplished
• Understanding there will be obstacles, so what are your contingency plans?
• Identifying the skills, behaviors, people or groups of people who can help you achieve your goal.
• Setting up an action plan for success
• Identifying ways to monitor and measure your progress, while rewarding yourself as you move forward.
• Making a commitment, taking action and succeeding!

Pre-Approved For CORE credit