How to Attract, Engage and Empower a New Economy

How To Attract, Engage and Empower A New Economy

Tested communication steps you need to know to increase your bottom line immediately.

FACULTY: BOB URICHUCK | Time: 90 Minutes

$25 USD

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Do you want to attract and engage the attention of someone to establish a relationship?
Do you want to quickly qualify opportunities?
Do you want to learn how to inspire others to commit to their actions?
Are you looking for proven ways to become more effective with your communications?

In order to be successful in your communications, you must first understand the individual you are trying to communicate to. This is one of their universal needs–to be understood. You do this by asking questions and actively listening. Better listening = deeper understanding. Only after this point can you communicate your position. Only then will the buyer be focused on the right services or products. Remember the more relationships that you have the bigger your network, and your net worth, will be.

In this 1.5 hour course, you will learn proven techniques from experience driven focused communication strategies for improved buyer-focused attraction, engagement and buyer empowerment. In today’s new economy of buyers, it is all about the buyer, not you, your product , services or brand. By putting the buyer first, you create stronger relationships, greater trust, more open and honest communications.

Gain a competitive advantage as you advance in your career and increase the organization’s bottom line.

Learning Objectives

Understanding how buyer’s buy
Universal Needs of buyers
How to become buyer focused
How to engage buyers
The power of asking questions, not answering them
Questioning techniques
The importance of self-discovery
How to get commitment, not give it
Listening techniques
How to empower buyers, to buy from you!

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