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  • Uncover the right attitude for success
  • Effective Communication techniques
  • Engage in negotiation techniques that results in more sales
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Bob is THE guru to learn from. His training sessions are highly interactive and inspiring.
- M. Rao

With Bob you will Learn How to Execute the Disciplines of Attracting, Engaging and Empowering the “Buyer " to Up Your Bottom Line in Weeks, not Months. 
- R. Rainbolt


Bob Urichuck is a catalyst for constant improvement and a cultivator of human potential as an International Professional Speaker, Trainer and best-selling Author.

He is an expert on sales motivation, sales skills and velocity sales fields. He knows how to motivate and improve teams. Bob is the creator of the “Buyer-Focused” Velocity selling system: a non-traditional step-by-step sales process that attracts, engages and empowers buyers to buy.

Now at XTRAcredits it’s like having Bob as your very own personal coach, access the Velocity Selling System courses on demand, anytime and anywhere to earn your continuing education credits.

Since 2008, Bob has been ranking in the top 10 of the world’s top 30 sales gurus with the latest recognition in 2015. Using Singapore, Dubai and Canada as his ongoing hubs, Bob has spoken in more than 1,500 cities in over 45 countries to audiences with as many as 10,000 participants at one event.

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