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Shep was terrific! I have never seen magic and fun so cleverly woven into teaching. You didn’t speak on Friday—you taught us lessons. I really applaud your program and the value you deliver.

Smith Bucklen

Our future success lies in continuous improvement…

in our pursuit of providing internal and external customer satisfaction. Communicated the message we wanted to get across.

Shell Oil

Top 9 Employee Experience Tips AND A FREE eBook ==> It's Your Time to BE Amazing

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Start improving your employee and customer experiences IMMEDIATELY!

Start creating a Customer-Centric Culture. 

Start by Focusing on Employees, Not the Customer

How do you turn a good idea for a corporate culture into reality? By building an employee-centric workplace. An amazing customer service culture begins by first amazing the employees. 

So, with that in mind, here are five concepts that Shep's FREE eBook covers that will help create the customer-focused mindset:

1. The desire to take care of people – Not every employee has that mindset coming in.
2. Being in the moment – This is realizing when you are delivering a positive service experience.
3. Know where the line in the sand is.
4. Always learning mindset.
5. Recognizing the Awesome Responsibility

Who is Shep Hyken?

Customer Service and Experience Expert—Hall of Fame Speaker—New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

Learn to create an amazing customer experience.

Create a collaborative corporate culture.

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