TEDx Episode 3

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TEDx Speakers Jim Cathcart and Allan Pease On The CoffeeWithLisa Show

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More About The Conversation

If making it onto the TED main stage is near the top of your bucket list of career achievements, you wouldn't be alone.

The good news is, anyone has a shot if they have an idea worth spreading.

TED talks have inspired millions of people to go above and beyond the limits of human potential. What TED and TEDx events have done over the last few years has driven people to action in ways that the average human being can only imagine.

Jim and Allan will share with you their experience and provide you tips and secrets about their path to TEDx success.

You will walk away with:

  1. tips and secrets to get started
  2. how to create powerful presentations
  3. use your body language as part of the message
  4. how to nurture powerful profitable relationships with your audience
  5. how to find your oak tree

If you ever wanted to be a professional speaker or get on the TEDx stage you won't want to miss this episode.

Meet The Guests:

Allan Pease on the Coffee WIth Lisa Show

Allan Pease

Allan Pease is an Australian body language expert and author or co-author of fifteen books. Despite having no education in psychology, neuroscience, or psychiatry, he has managed to establish himself as an "expert on relationships"

Jim Cathcart on the Coffee With Lisa Show

Jim Cathcart

Jim Cathcart is an American entrepreneur, Hall of Fame professional speaker, author and XTRAcredits Faculty Expert. Jim  has been inducted in to the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame several times and is the author of 16 books. Jim is an expert on building profitable business relationships.

We all want to know -  where do you start?
Start with your message. TED is all about ideas.

Once you hone in on yours, create an outline to help you explain why the world should care. Then, excite your audience with memorable imagery--a story--to entice them and show your idea in action. Finally, edit, edit, edit. Cut the fat and streamline your speech.

We all want to know -  where do you start to become a successful professional speaker?
It too starts with your message.

Professional speaking is a competitive field, but one with immense rewards. If you stay focused on providing value, and explaining how the companies and associations that hire you can benefit from it, you can develop an enviable career.

NSA really is where speakers from all over the world come together. It's where ideas happen, bonds form, and you learn new strategies that can completely revolutionize your speaking business.