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An Author's Blueprint to Self-Publishing Success

Sherrie Wilkolaski

Publishing Architect™ | Radio Host

Luxe Beat Magazine

How do you make it the #1 Best Seller for the New York Times and Amazon?

Can you write a best-selling novel simply by following a formula?

Sherrie Wilkolaski knows exactly what it takes to become a best seller. But more importantly, she knows who you should trust to help you get there!

Tune in and find out just how to make it as a best selling author!

About Sherrie

Sherrie Wilkolaski is a leading expert in the independent publishing market, having consulted with more than 15,000 authors throughout her career as the Publishing Architect™.

A bestselling author, radio talk show host and content strategist, she has studied at the Yale Professional Publishing program and M.P.S. in Professional Publishing at George Washington University.

She brings to the writer’s table an effective fusion of marketing proficiency, best-selling accolades and a background in journalism. Her international public speaking credentials and technology acumen provide independent authors and traditional publishers a multifaceted strategy to achieving success.

Sherrie’s specialized insight into the mechanics of the publishing process resulted in the formation of her distinctive boutique publishing house style, which bridges a client’s status from aspiring writer to published author. As a best-selling author, Sherrie has first-hand knowledge of the creative writing experience and the challenges involved in printing, packaging, marketing, and selling books. She has effectively harnessed the benefits of online and offline promotion to maximize an independent author’s circulation and public readership.

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